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Our team has an extensive track record from creating secure innovative products and solutions in the field of authentication and identity. It is safe to say that protection is our profession. We strive to become the number one provider of secure authentication and identity products.


PhenixID provides solutions which enable organizations to secure their digital identities and its resources in a safe and cost-effective way. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, our solutions are easy to install and customize to your existing infrastructure.

Our leadership

Peter Laurén


“Embrace change, stay humble and it will evolve you, products, the company, the customer relationship”

Peter brings over 30 years of business and technical experience in the area of IT-infrastructure, Identity and Access Management. He has successfully co-founded a number of products and consultant companies. Before PhenixID he co-founded Nordic Edge that later was acquired by Intel and then transitioned to McAfee where he held the position as Director, ID Mgmt Engineering.

Anders Andrén


“If you are struggling you are probably doing it wrong”

Co-founder with plus 15 years experience in IAM and software development. Prior to PhenixID Anders has been creating, installing and supporting various IAM solutions and platforms at Nordic Edge, Intel and McAfee.
Responsible for the technical platform ensuring PhenixID to deliver great software to customers and partners.

Patrik Holsti


Patrik Holsti, Chief Operating Officer at PhenixID, responsible for leading the company’s business operations globally, executing PhenixID´s business strategy and ensuring operational excellence company-wide.

Patrik brings over 25 years of experience of expertise in the area of network secure identity management solutions. Before PhenixID, he was Program Manager at Intel/McAfee. Prior to Intel/McAfee Patrik was Product Manager at Nordic Edge. He also did technical training for 15 years Patrik on Identity products from Microsoft. Patrik is able to break down complex technological ideas into simpler terms, helping clients pinpoint their business needs.

Anders Björk

VP Customer Success

“Without customers we don’t have a business so let’s make them happy.”

Anders brings 20 years of software development, professional service, sales engineering and information security experience to PhenixID. Before PhenixID, he was a security architect at Nordic Edge, Intel and McAfee. Prior to that Anders did consulting and held architect, developer and technical training positions at Softronic and Synergica. Anders holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

Tommy Almström

Product Manager

"You can't login if you don´t exist! Identity management is vital!"

Tommy has broad experience in Identity and Access Management area , + 20 years, with strong focus on authentication, federation and identity management technology. Working as product manager leading product team to perform at it's best. Managing the entire product line from strategic planning to specifying market requirements for current and future products. Very good presentation skills and able to explain business benefits to customers. Formerly certified trainer for Novell, Microsoft and Citrix.

Gisela Horndahl

VP Sales

"Our customers are our most important assets. Their demands is a big part of PhenixID´s future”

Gisela joined PhenixID 2015, she brings experience from working for resellers, start-ups and bigger organizations for more than 20 years. As an Senior Account Executive at Nordic Edge she handled sales and business development for customers in public sector, county council, health care and municipality in the area Identity and Access Management.
By Intel/McAfee, Gisela got the opportunity to move to Germany. She worked as Sales Specialist in the area Identity and Access Management responsible for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Gisela is situated in our German office in Munich.

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