July 5, 2018

PhenixID Identity Manager (IM) 5.0.0 Released

PhenixID Identity Manager 5.0.0 is a major update and is recommended for all customer installations.

This release contains the following enhancements:

  • Improvements
    • Major update of look and feel
    • Identity Manger code has been rewritten and updated to support new browser standards
    • Support of new license type, *.p12. Old license format, *.dat, will not be supported in upcoming version of IM 5.x.
      Contact PhenixID support to receive new license file.
    • Sort and Filter a result set in new view Main is simplified for end users
  • New features
    • A new view Main is created that eventually will replace current views Browse and Predefined Search. For now, current views Browse and Predefined search will be supported but removed in release to come. The new view Main supports all old Browse view features, all old Predefined Search view features.
    • Improved functionality for Virtual views. If your environment have a flat LDAP structure with all users in one Organizational Unit (OU) and those object have attributes, i.e. department=Finance, IT, Marketing then you can create a virtual OU structure based on those values. Read the PhenixID Solution Document, PSD1098, for instructions.
    • Support for simplified upgrade from IM 5.x version. (If you need to upgrade from previous version of IM (4.x or earlier), then read this support document. IM 5.X Upgrade guide from previous version
    • Use LDAP query as tab restriction filter, for more info. PSD1093

To get the 5.0.0 release, please visit http://support.phenixid.se/downloads/

See a short movie (8 min) about the features of PhenixID Identity Manager 5.0 on our YouTube channel.

Please also check out technical release notes for more information about this release.