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In the public sector, where managing a multitude of identities is the norm, truly understanding the activity and status of each identity is key. Are you equipped to detect any unusual behavior, inconsistencies, or dips in service quality?

Anna navigating the complexity of identity management

Navigating the complexity of identity management

In the public sector, effectively managing and monitoring a vast array of identities presents a significant challenge. Are you fully aware of the activities associated with each identity under your purview? Identifying and responding to suspicious behaviors, anomalies, and any degradation in services is crucial for maintaining security and operational integrity. However, when dealing with an extensive number of identities, ensuring accurate status and oversight becomes increasingly complex.

The lack of clear visibility into how these identities are being utilised, or pinpointing the underlying issues that may arise, can impede your ability to implement robust and proactive security measures. This complexity necessitates a sophisticated approach to identity management, one that allows for comprehensive monitoring and swift response to secure your digital ecosystem effectively.


Elevating identity security with advanced solutions and analytics

To fortify the security of your identities, implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an essential first step, particularly for users with permissions to modify data. The next phase involves establishing comprehensive policies that dictate access and actions based on group memberships or individual privileges. However, true security extends beyond these measures. It's crucial to continuously monitor your system's activities. Are login frequencies within expected ranges? Do policy executions align with their schedules? Are the numbers of created or deleted identities in line with your expectations?

Integrating reporting and analytics into your identity management system is key to achieving this level of oversight. As an administrator, these tools provide you with a holistic view of your organisation's identity status. They enable you to track progress and identify trends over time, offering insights that are critical for proactive security management as well as the ability to perform forensic investigations if needed.

Elevating identity security with advanced solutions and analytics
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Stronger control with clear insights

By adopting our comprehensive identity security measures, organisations have seen significant improvements. Multi-factor authentication has bolstered data safety, while customised access policies ensure only the right people make critical changes. The real breakthrough, however, lies in our reporting and analytics tools. Administrators now enjoy a clear, easy-to-understand overview of identity activities and trends, enabling them to make informed decisions and communicate effectively with all team members. This approach has not only enhanced security but also simplified identity management for everyone involved.

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