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The proliferation of information has led to challenges in verifying the authenticity and integrity of documents, with fake news and document tampering posing significant threats. These challenges underscore the need for robust solutions to safeguard information and maintain organizational credibility.

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Navigating the complexity of information integrity

In todays era information is easy to access but hard to verify. Fake news is a real threat and could if done spitefully cause harm not just in reputation but also in cost in man hours trying to handle the situation. Information such as documents are easy to tamper with, changing the content to be something it was not intended to be. In fact, its not even necessary to tamper with an official document, someone could create a document and visually make it look like its origination from your organization. Signing documents is one solution, but signing all documents that could reach the public is not an efficient route to take.


Enhancing security with PhenixID's electronic stamping

With PhenixIDs Signing solution, you have the option to setup a process to attach electronical stamps on your PDF and XML documents. This can be done manually or automized depending on the organisations need and type of document. Adding a electronical stamp to a PDF document will give the possibility to the receiver to both verify its origin and that it haven’t been tampered with. In summary, electronic seals offer enhanced security and automation capabilities, making them valuable in industries where the integrity and traceability of information are crucial.

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Securing Authenticity with Innovation

PhenixID's Signing solution addresses these challenges effectively by introducing the capability to electronically stamp PDF and XML documents. This feature not only automates the process, suiting varied organisational needs but also ensures the verifiability and untampered status of documents. The implementation of electronic seals significantly enhances security and traceability, marking a critical step forward for industries prioritising the integrity of information.

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