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On-prem support for signing service

Organisations face the challenge of integrating cloud-based signing services while ensuring sensitive documents remain within their own infrastructure. Adapting to a system that communicates seamlessly with these external services, yet conducts the actual signing process on-premises, is essential for maintaining security and control over confidential information.

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Integrating on-premise signing with cloud-based services

Integrating with a cloud-based signing service, as specified by DIGG ("fristående underskriftstjänst"), presents a unique set of requirements for your systems. To effectively utilise such a service, your system must be capable of communicating with the cloud platform through a specific, predefined protocol. However, a critical aspect of this process involves the actual signing of the PDF documents, which cannot be performed by the cloud service. This is due to the necessity of keeping the documents within the organisation's on-premises infrastructure to maintain security and control. Thus, while leveraging the advantages of a cloud-based signing service, there's a crucial need to ensure that the final signature insertion on the PDFs happens locally, on-premises. This dual requirement of cloud communication and on-premises signing execution poses a technical and procedural challenge, requiring a sophisticated solution that balances external service integration with internal document security.


Unified on-premise and cloud-based signing solutions

PhenixID Signing service offers a comprehensive solution that bridges the gap between on-premises and cloud-based signing needs. It is fully equipped to communicate with any cloud-based signing service that adheres to DIGG specifications. This feature provides administrators with the flexibility to opt for cloud-based signing whenever it suits their needs. Additionally, for local e-services requiring document signatures, PhenixID maintains a uniform API for both its own service and any connected cloud-based service. This consistency simplifies the decision-making process for administrators, allowing them to easily choose between on-premise and cloud solutions without having to navigate through different interfaces or protocols. The result is a seamless, user-friendly experience that ensures security and efficiency in document signing processes, regardless of the chosen method.

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Enhanced document signing efficiency with PhenixID

Adopting PhenixID Signing service has streamlined document management for organisations, blending on-premises security with the convenience of cloud-based services. This integration, compliant with DIGG specifications, offers a simplified, uniform API, easing the administrative load and enhancing workflow efficiency. The result is a more efficient, secure, and flexible document signing process, meeting diverse operational needs with ease.

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