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In today's market, organisations grapple with the challenge of efficiently granting temporary access to external individuals. Verifying identities often involves IT administrators not directly engaged in the recruitment process. The key question is: How can the trustworthiness of local managers authorising access be ensured?

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Navigating Secure Onboarding Challenges

In today's dynamic market, organisations often need to grant temporary access rights to external individuals, whether it's a contractor requiring access to an internal application, a supplier needing access to specific data, or a consultant hired to enhance project delivery. However, securing access in a timely and secure manner presents challenges.

The process begins with verifying the identity of the person needing access, a task that typically involves an IT administrator who may not be part of the recruitment or contract-signing process. This raises the question: How can the IT admin ascertain whether a local manager is trustworthy to authorise access for external individuals?


PhenixID's Secure Onboarding: Streamlining Access to External Resources

PhenixID's solution for granting access to external resources is both secure and efficient. The external individual to be onboarded fills in their information, including accepting the IT policy, before undergoing authentication using OTPs sent to both the provided email and phone number. In the next step, the external person activates enrollment for secure authentication, such as PhenixID OneTouch.

The system then notifies the responsible person that someone has applied for access. The responsible person authenticates to access more information about the external person and can subsequently decide whether to grant onboarding. If applicable, they can also define a specific timeframe during which the external person can identify and gain access to internal systems.

This approach streamlines the entire process, with the onboarding individual securely authenticating using two different OTPs in the self-service portal to apply for access. The responsible person is promptly notified about the request and can make an informed decision on whether to onboard the external person or not.

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Seamless and Secure: PhenixID's answer to external access onboarding

Choosing PhenixID's solution for external access proves to be a game-changer in overcoming the challenges of adding temporary access rights to external individuals. The process, which involves secure identity verification and streamlined onboarding, ensures efficiency without compromising security. The external person, during onboarding, undergoes a secure authentication process using OTPs, and the activation of secure authentication features like PhenixID OneTouch adds an extra layer of protection.

The system's notification mechanism to the responsible person allows for informed decision-making, with access granted or denied based on comprehensive information. The approach significantly reduces the burden on IT administrators and enhances trust in the onboarding process. With this solution, the entire process becomes more efficient, from secure authentication using two distinct OTPs to the responsible person's swift decision-making, ultimately ensuring a secure and seamless onboarding experience for external individuals.

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