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User provision for on-prem and cloud

In the ever-expanding landscape of digital services, users juggle a multitude of on-premises and cloud-based platforms to turbocharge their productivity. The catch? Each service craves a slice of the user information pie, tucked away in its own data haven.


Challenges of managing user information across diverse services

Many users today require access to various services, both on-premises and cloud-based, to enhance efficiency or complete daily tasks. Each service demands user information stored in its dedicated data repository (“data store”).

Managing and updating this data manually is a complex task, and errors often arise, leading to incomplete or inconsistent identity information. Such inaccuracies can result in a suboptimal user experience or even service malfunction.


Unlocking seamless identity management

Addressing this challenge, the PhenixID Identity solution offers automated provisioning and deprovisioning features. With over 200 precompiled cloud connectors and APIs, seamless integration with cloud services such as Office365, Google, Amazon, Salesforce, and Citrix are facilitated. Moreover, generic APIs like REST enable organisations to construct custom connectors for perpetual on-premises or cloud services.

Through the synergy of automation and diverse connectors, organisations can establish a robust and efficient system. This ensures the accuracy and security of user data across different services, promoting operational efficiency of your employees.

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Elevate efficiency, ensure security, and supercharge user experiences

By implementing the PhenixID Identity solution, organisations can realise a transformative impact on their identity management processes. The automated provisioning and deprovisioning features, coupled with a comprehensive library of connectors, empower seamless integration with a multitude of services. Whether it's popular cloud platforms like Office365 or custom on-premises solutions, the solution ensures that user data remains consistently accurate and up-to-date. This not only elevates the overall user experience but also mitigates the risk of service malfunctions caused by incomplete or incorrect identity information.

With PhenixID, organisations can confidently navigate the complex landscape of diverse services, promoting data accuracy, security, and operational efficiency at every turn.

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