April 16, 2020

Easy and secure authentication


Trusting the digital identity continues to be a hot topic for organisations, and when employees are working from home, easy and secure end user validation is even more important. PhenixID are proud to announce the new major release of PhenixID Authentication Services 3.2. The new release contains several new features both for administrators and end users.


Improved One Touch mobile application

PhenixID One Touch has now incorporated PhenixID Pocket Pass functionality adding the offline code generator into the One Touch profile. The activation process will detect if the mobile phone has biometrics enabled for fingerprint/face and use this functionality as a replacement for a pin-code. This provides ease of use to the end-users to have everything in one application. Furthermore, administrators will have a streamlined enrollment process.

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New Password Self Service
PhenixID Password Self Service has been upgraded with installation wizard and a whole new end-user interface that feature more sophisticated password logic, internal blacklisting and 3rd party breached password lookup.  


Browser                                                                                                         Mobile

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New OpenID Connect functionality

In this release the PAS now can act as an Relying Party (RP) to connect external OIDC providers.  

Improved logging and analytics

PhenixID Authentication Services has added substantially more logging events in order to provide 3rd party SIEM applications with data to create more coherent views. This is naturally done according to industry standards. (CEF).

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Videos associated with this release:

Enrolment of  One Touch

Activate your device in a secure manner and enable a biometric method during the process.

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