January 20, 2021

New Release: PhenixID Authentication Services 4.0

PhenixID are proud to announce the new major release of PhenixID Authentication Services 4.0. The new release contains several new features both for administrators and end users.


User experience

We have extended versatility to our PhenixID One Touch client (that is included in the offering) to do anonymous assignments/or QR-code login to diversify end-user friendly log in methods. This enables a higher security posture since no username or password is exposed! See video below:


Furthermore the PhenixID One Touch client now supports “on same device app- switching” for a smooth user journey.

Reporting, Audit, Visibility

In our continuous efforts to add system intelligence and awareness we have implemented a heartbeat responder in order to assure the system is responding. 

A popular logging feature that we now have added is trace_ID to make it easier to follow an authentication from start to end from a log perspective.


SITHS eID (Swedish only)

En video som visar inloggning via PhenixID Authentication Services med Inera´s nya SITHS eID som inloggningsmetod.

Metoder som används i filmen:

  • Dator – SITHS-kort
  • Dator – Mobilt SITHS eID
  • Telefon – Mobilt SITHS eID

PhenixID MFA adapter integration med Microsoft ADFS för Inera´s nya SITHS eID metoder för autentisering. Inloggningen i denna film sker genom att använda metoden QR-kod.

  • QR-kod på dator
  • QR-kod på mobil.


Extended database handling

As the industry keeps pushing for a smooth and resource efficient environment we have from this release decided to further unlock tailor options.
With this release it is now possible to separate different parts of the authentication flow and utilize different data source setups. The new improved design will help administrators to tailor their database setup.

For upgrade assistance, please contact PhenixID Support or read the 4.0 Upgrade Guide.


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