June 10, 2020

New release: PhenixID Identity Manager 5.4.2

PhenixID are proud to announce two new releases of PhenixID Identity Manager (PIM) 5.4.1 & 5.4.2. 

The new releases improve the stability, compatibility and security of your solution, and is recommended for all installations.


1. New Identity Manager View – SQL Grid

This will add a new view to an IM role and show a grid of an SQL query.

For more information, please read PSD1153

2. Linked List Custom Control

A new custom control is created to support drop down lists to integrate with each other.

Use case: You have a drop down list where you for example can select different companies. If you select for example company PhenixID then that value is sent to other drop down lists and trigger what to display in those underlying lists.

For more information, please read PSD1147

3. Support For AES Encryption

Different types of data that needs to be encrypted, for example the password for the IM service account. If you like to encrypt attributes, or any other data, you can now use AES-128 to do this, functionality added in version 5.4.1 of PIM.

For more information, please read PSD1142

4. Custom Mandatory Popups


If you have a create or an edit form where some control is set as mandatory. PIM includes a mandatory parameter to set for these information fields. The control has however a standard popup which links to the attribute which can in some cases be misleading for the user.

PIM now has a filter that can be used instead of the mandatory checkbox which you can use to create your own custom popups.

For more information this, please read PSD1150

5. Update Of Bundled Apache Tomcat

We always try to stay in sync with current Tomcat releases. Since the Ghost Cat bug was discovered we have updated Tomcat to 8.5.53 form the 5.4.1 release. Ghost Cat bug had to do with vulnerability using the AJP connector, PIM can in some scenarios use AJP with Microsoft IIS.

For more information about Ghost Cat bug, please read TrendMicroBloggGhostCat

We have also updated our recommendations regarding the use of AJP with IIS. If you are using AJP and are upgrading to IM 5.4.1 you need to read PSD1079 for configuration changes. 


Read full Release notes here: 5.4.1 & 5.4.2


More information about Identity Manager can be found here

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