April 6, 2018

PhenixID Authentication Service (PAS) 2.5.0 Released

PhenixID Authentication Service (PAS) 2.5.0 Released.
PAS includes the following products, PhenixID Multi-Factor Authentication and PhenixID Identity Federation

PAS 2.5.0 update improves the stability, compatibility, and security of your solution and is recommended for all installations.

This release contains the following enhancements:



  • Improved user experience to change password from PhenixID One Touch
  • Extended OpenID connect support
  • Simplified configuration when using cluster


  • CVE updates according to NIST CVE database (https://nvd.nist.gov/)
    CVE = Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
  • List of bugfixes is available on request, please contact PhenixID support for more information.
  • Dependency updates based on NIST CVE recommendations, contact PhenixID for complete list.

To get the 2.5.0 release, please visit http://support.phenixid.se/downloads/

Please also check out technical release notes for more information about this release.